Hi. I am Amir. Today, in this post, I want to implement an interesting and practical idea with our current knowledge in the field of coding and image processing. Ever wondered why you have to manually adjust the rear-view mirror every time you get in the car as a driver, especially when another driver (such as your parent) is driving the same car before you; and set the right angle based on the position of their head?

In this post, we want to do something so that, whenever any driver with any physical dimensions gets in the car as a…

In this tutorial, I want to share my experience in creating Appointment_Bot, my first telegram bot for an automation task. Here, I suppose that you are not familiar with bots and their atmosphere. Still, you know to code in python and, more important, you have ambitions in discovering the new world of web scraping and sharing the results of your analysis in some social media like Telegram. Now, I dive in code explanation, and I want to tell you why Appointment_Bot? Let’s go.

During 2019, I decided to continue my study and research as a Ph.D. student. So, I got…

There are different ways to find an element with selenium, including find by class_name, find by XPath and find by element’s id. As you can see in the picture above, for the email id element, its id is “EmailId”. I repeated this approach for the password and the captcha image. Finally, the “Continue” button is clicked to send inserted data.

At the end of update_captcha, the bot calls before_calendar function as an imported module. You can see its details here. In before_calendar, all steps of the booking process are done before checking the final calendar.

In one step…

Amir Moradi

Ph.D. student | Passionate in Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Image Processing, and Web Scraping for Data Analysis.

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